Builder & Engineer

“I joined LARUS because it was a chance for me to create culture, friendship and network.
I support the making of music through my tools and my technical knowledge.”
A man of few words but great knowledge J-WORX spends most of his time either repairing, improving, inventing or building innovative and creative solutions. Taking industrial tools and equipment and repurposing them in order to make them useful on a day-to-day basis. An example of this was when he repurposed cable drums as tables and benches for Aarhus Festuge.

His designs and solutions are new, innovative and based on reuse, repurposing and rethinking. Instead of looking at a something thinking “this is a …” his mindset is, “what could this be ..”. This is one of the reasons that makes him a great idea bouncer and a valuable member.

This is just a sample of a few JWORKS many skills:

  • Technician
  • Engineer
  • Builder
  • Designer
  • Entrepreneur